Automation, environment, people: SACMI’s way to sustainability for Sanitaryware industry

Automation, environment, people: SACMI’s way to sustainability for Sanitaryware industry

More than 130 international customers visited the Imola headquarters during Tecna. Our focus is on the "We ARE Green" approach, technologies, and processes for sustainable, versatile, and quality production. SACMI partner provides strategic consulting services, from the very beginning to the end

Imola, 30 September 2022 – “We ARE Sanitaryware” is the result of the innovation journey SACMI has developed over the past 35 years for the sanitaryware industry. As part of the international Tecna exhibition, more than 130 customers visited SACMI's production and R&D departments at the Imola headquarters. This is where the most recent technological innovations were demonstrated to international customers in accordance with global production trends and market trends.

In addition to improved quality and versatility in new product development, automation and sustainability are the main drivers of this path. This was the common thread of the visit, from SACMI's Molding department – where the new method of producing models by using tooling technologies grows in the Digital Product Development - to the Resin Department, where molds are manufactured and tested with quality assurance.
An emerging global driver intersects with a new concept of the “factory”, one that is clean, healthy, and safe, where manual operations are reduced in order to facilitate digital management and total tracking of all steps, with the innovative Qualitrack module extending automation and robotics to quality control.

This was also the thread running through the innovations presented within the Whiteware Laboratory. This is where, in addition to RobotCasting solutions, customers were able to appreciate live a wide range of novelties ranging from RobotClean robotic finishing, which automates blank finishing to eliminate the operator from potentially contacting hazardous powders, to automatic loading at the RobotLoad kiln by SACMI.
Daniele Coralli, General Manager of Whiteware, states: “First and foremost, automation means consistent and repeatable quality, as well as the widest flexibility in the handling of diverse production mixes. The theme of sustainability is closely related to this driver. Every step of the process is designed to reduce the consumption of water, energy, raw materials”.

One example is SACMI's new solution for water recycling, with its reuse in the process for beneficial purposes as well as the in-line recovery of 100% of the solid precipitates. “This is A solution that can help save up to 70 percent of the water used by a plant”, and that's just one example that SACMI places alongside multiple offerings from dough preparation to high-efficiency baking. Additionally, there is an added challenge of making the factory environment healthier, a new competitive factor for a market that is becoming increasingly attentive and demanding.

The “next generation” management software, with interfaces designed to facilitate offline programming of machines, Artificial Intelligence algorithms, automatic recipe recall (for inspection, finishing, glazing, etc.) as well as increased plant efficiency and availability were among the additional innovations presented.
Transported to the heart of SACMI's Sanitary Technology, international customers had the opportunity to evaluate the opportunities for sustainable innovation in a unique way. This guided them down a path that begins with the peculiar production needs and market approach, relying on a partner who can provide all of the technology and strategic advice, from the very beginning to the end.

Visit our new webpage “We ARE Green” by SACMI, and download our catalogs.

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