Process control systems

The Riedhammer kiln plants are operated by a programmable process control system.
The PLC system is completey wired and tested under simulation, with terminal connections observing all prescriptions, harmonized standards and European directives.

The process control system is individually designed for the specific application and includes the following features:

Kiln Management:
- Graphical visualisation of the main kiln components and of the detected values, setpoints, valve positions etc. updated in real time
- Control, automatic regulation of the physical parameters of the different kiln areas
- Setting of the various operation parameters
- Recording of the temperatures and the kiln pressure
- Visualisation of all the existing alarms with indication of the date and time of activation
- Graphical visualisation of the operation trend of the regulators

Kiln Operating Parameters:
- Editing, storage and selection of firing curves with setpoint values for the temperatures of the different kiln areas and for the kiln room pressure

Logging and Recording:
- Visualisation of the historical firing cycles relating to temperatures, kiln room pressure and alarms
- Determination of the fuel consumption for each firing cycle

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