Simulation of temperature distribution inside the product setting and/or kiln room.

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Material Analysis:

  • Thermal Analysis
  • Elaborating of the ideal firing curve
  • Firing tests in continuous kilns
    • between 0,5 h and 20 h up to 1450 °C 
    • in oxidizing and reducing firing atmosphere
  • Firing tests in intermittent kiln plants up to 1800 °C
    • in oxidizing and reducing firing atmosphere, Low O2
    • inert atmosphere, 50 ppm O2, 1400 °C
  • Decoration firing of glass and ceramics
  • Bending of glass panels
  • Development of foaming processes
  • Debindering and sintering tests (Low O2)
  • Calcination of powders and bulk materials up to 1450 °C

Improvement of kiln plants and processes:

  • Burner development
  • Check and development of firing technology
  • Evaluation of highly stressed kiln components and proposals for improvement
  • Waste gas measuring and evaluation
  • Steady and transient heat transfer and flow calculations as well as simulations
  • Check and optimizing of debindering processes
  • Evaluation of suitable processes for pre-sintering, calcining and expanding of powders, granulates and pellets 

Scientific Basis:

  • Close cooperation with universities and research institutes,
    • support of dissertations and internships for university
  • Regular technical publications
  • Attendance at technical symposia


Mr. Andreas Hajduk

Head of Application Center (ZAC)


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