Tramontina enters the Tableware manufacturing industry <br>with top quality SACMI machinery

Tramontina enters the Tableware manufacturing industry
with top quality SACMI machinery

The Brazilian manufacturing company, exporting to 120 countries around the world, has selected the best technologies for the tableware production process, to handle the widest production mix, from body preparation to pressure casting and isostatic pressing, up to high-efficiency firing.

Kitchenware, Home & Garden, DIY, outdoor activities. These are some of the sectors that Tramontina has operated in for 111 years selling to 120 countries around the world. Now the Brazilian company has decided on in-house production of tableware (already part of its product range but with manufacture sourced out to third parties up to now) investing in a complete plant with SACMI, the only one of its kind in the Brazilian market.
Installed and successfully started up in the early months of 2022, the new plant is designed for the widest production mix. The plant machinery has been supplied from all the specialist SACMI companies in the Tableware sector; from SACMI Imola and SAMA, with automation systems from Gaiotto and Riedhammer kilns.

The first stage of the production process is body preparation, with the ground ventilated raw materials dissolved in the turbo-blunger, passed through the spray-dryer and stored in the required amount for isostatic pressing.
Next, for the forming stage, Tramontina chose the SAMA range of machinery both for isostatic pressing of articles - in this case with the renowned PHO 451 presses - and for pressure casting with resin moulds. In the latter case PCMs 150 Green were installed; the SAMA casting machines which reduce consumption up to 85% with improved flexibility and automation.

This latter solution was specially configured for the customer to operate in synergy with the SACMI-Gaiotto handling robot. The result is the complete automation of the cell with robotized de-moulding and automatic control of green finishing as well as the subsequent loading-unloading of the dryer, supplied by SAMA for the final dry finishing operations.

The ability to handle the entire production mix is completed with the PCM NH-25, the SAMA casting solution designed for articles made up of 3 or more parts (such as, for example, cups with a handle).

The firing department is large and carefully designed with high-efficiency Riedhammer tunnel kilns, RH-TWT for biscuit firing, RH-TST for glost firing, with products handled in kiln cars. A further kiln was supplied to Tramontina for decoration firing; the TKA model developed by SACMI Forni with CMC roller handling system. Finally, Riedhammer also supplied the RH-WFG shuttle kiln for the calcination of china-clay for glaze production.

With this investment, Tramontina will be able to produce up to 1.6 million pieces per month. For SACMI this an important and strategic project in a market such as the Brazilian one where most tableware products are currently imported and/or made on small-scale.

This supply also demonstrates SACMI’s ability, thanks to its network of specialist companies, skills and experience, to offer customers a personalized and complete solution for every stage of the production cycle, from body preparation to the finished product, with levels of automation and system integration carefully tailored to fit specific production requirements.

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