Ceramitec 2022, over 100 international customers visit the SAMA headquarters

Ceramitec 2022, over 100 international customers visit the SAMA headquarters

Open Days organized during the Ceramitec fair in Munich prove to be highly rewarding for SACMI. Keen customer interest in the ‘We ARE Tableware’ proposal offered by the SACMI network of companies. A great opportunity to learn more about SAMA technologies and services, the very heart of technological research in the industry.

During the Ceramitec fair, over 100 customers from countries around the world visited the main SAMA Maschinenbau facility, the technological ‘heart’ of the SACMI Tableware range. This keen interest stemmed from SACMI's ability to provide customers with an all-round response to issues that matter to them, and work alongside them on shared projects to achieve shared goals.

More specifically, the international customers who visited SAMA were able to take a close look at the full range of technologies and services, starting with the Laboratory and Pilot Plant. The latter lets customers from all over the globe develop new products by letting them test raw materials and produce sample batches at industrial scale.
Moving on, visitors also had an opportunity to examine recent ground-breaking additions to the SAMA technological range: these span from the SAMApor (porous resin molds) platform to even more versatile, automated production controls, which can be implemented in synergy with the other ‘We ARE Tableware’ companies (SACMI Imola, Gaiotto and Riedhammer).

An all-round provider of tableware forming technology, SAMA has set a new market standard with the launch of the GREEN press series. Compared to conventional solutions, these latest presses feature drastically reduced consumption and some distinctive innovations, such as isostatic cup and mug pressing and pressure-casting of cups complete with handles.
To complete the ‘tour’, customers also had the opportunity to see the glazing range, including the outstanding new robotic solutions co-developed by SAMA and Gaiotto.

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