Misr International Ceramic Co., Sanitaryware plant:

Misr International Ceramic Co., Sanitaryware plant: "Royal Style" Egypt chooses SACMI-Riedhammer

New shuttle kiln mod. HWS 15/500/40-G recently installed at Misr, equipped with Pulse Firing burners, automatic systems and high-performance kiln linings. An investment to modernize the sanitaryware plant at its production site in the industrial zone of Quesna.

Misr International Ceramic Co., Egypt chooses SACMI technology to launch its plan to modernize the technology and plant systems of the sanitaryware production line based in Tanta, where a new SACMI-Riedhammer HWS 15/500/40-G PF shuttle kiln has just been installed and started up. 
Equipped with 10 cars, the new HWS kiln is conceived for a production output of 780 pieces/cycle and is suitable for first firing or re-firing. The burners (42 in total, of which 31 are at the bottom and 11 in the kiln roof) are designed with the exclusive SACMI-Riedhammer Pulse Firing technology for optimization of the firing curves and guaranteed consumption levels for 1.550 Kcal per Kg of fired product (in the case of first firing applications), 1.480 Kcal per Kg (with re-firing).
Piece handling is fully automatic, thanks to chain conveyors, both inside the kiln and for car loading and unloading operations. The vertical automatic door eliminates the need for manual work during loading/unloading and guarantees the best seal, as do the internal linings which are made of cordierite, like the roof, while the walls are made of high-performance fibre blocks.  
With this first stage of the investment, made with SACMI, Misr’s objective is to increase the quality standards of the product in order to boost its position on the Egyptian market in the sanitaryware sector alongside its tiles business, which has been operating since 1980.  

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