Tunnel kilns are available as:

  • TW type, which means tunnel kiln with car conveyance
  • TP type, which means tunnel kiln with pusher plate conveyance

Roller kilns are available as:

  • TR type for standard application temperature up to 1520°C
  • TR-HT type for application temperature up to 1620°C

Rotary kilns are available as:

  • DRI type, which means heated directly inside the tube 
  • DRA type, which means that the tube is heated from outside


Among internally heated rotary kilns, the pendulum kiln is an additional model characterized and named after the pendulum motion of the tube. This pendulum motion of the tube with a deflection of around 120° C enables installation of burners or electric heating over the length of the kiln roof.
In this kiln type the products are transported through the kiln on a stainless steel mesh belt allowing operation temperatures up to 1050°C.

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