The TRS roller kiln is a modular kiln which is up to 4 setting plates wide, lined with light-weight bricks or ceramic wool. This plant allows fast cycles and ensures a low specific energy consumption. In case of fibre lining, weekend shut-downs are possible.
The TWS tunnel kiln with car conveyance is a modular kiln with various setting widths up to 4 m which is lined with light weight refractory material or ceramic wool. Firing cycles are possible from 10 to 25 hours and the kiln can be used for first and re-firing. This plant is an advanced solution in terms of investment and operational costs and is provided for large capacities. Specific net consumption is min. 780 kcal/kg.
The STK 260 and STK 300 tunnel kilns provide outstanding output levels and also keep fuel consumption low thanks to the excellent heat insulation and the precise adjustment of the burners. These kilns can reach a maximum temperature of 1,350°, with firing cycles generally lasting from 10 to 14 hours.
The HWS shuttle kiln is a modular kiln lined with cordierite or ceramic wool and can be used for first firing, re-firing and decoration firing. The advanced combustion system and flexible size of the kiln represent an optimal solution for special customer requirements. Specific net consumption is min. 1050 kcal/kg (REKO).
The SSK shuttle kiln is a modular kiln, designed to be just the right size to meet the customers' specific production requirements.

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