Closed Type Ring Pit Furnace

The Closed Type ring pit furnace offers a high versatility and is therefore best used for baking electrodes, cathodes and anodes.
Proven technology matched with latest developments generate superior product quality at maximized energy efficiency.

The CLOSED TYPE furnace is characterized/assigned by the following special features:

  • Application in new or retrofitted & modernized baking furnaces
  • Proven refractory design with minimum number of different brick shapes
  • Compliance with the strictest environmental standards
  • High performance: benchmarking productivity figures
  • Robust refractory design: extended lifetime and low maintenance
  • Excellent baking profile controllability and temperature homogeneity ensuring outstanding final product quality
  • Reference in the industry for low CAPEX and OPEX
  • Short ROI time due to the high efficiency

Closed Type Baking Furnace Flyer
Closed Type Baking Furnace Flyer_Russian Version

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