CBF - Car Bottom Furnace/Shuttle Furnace

The CBF car bottom furnace is a periodic baking furnace with directed flow of the kiln atmosphere by roof fans and energy-efficient internal combustion of the pitch vapours produced during the process by means of Low-O2-Technology. RIEDHAMMER supplies CBF car bottom furnaces for baking and rebaking of electrodes and special carbon blocks.


The CBF – CAR BOTTOM FURNACE in combination with a transport system for furnace cars allows short charge exchange times.
The furnace plant is designed as a convective circulation system with directed flow control of the furnace atmosphere by roof fans.
The furnace is heated by vertical high-velocity burners, each burner burning one partial flow of the pitch vapours released from the products by means of Low-O2-Technology. The bituminous exhaust gases are completely oxidized in a post-combustion chamber.
The CBF – CAR BOTTOM FURNACE is therefore distinguished especially by a high energy efficiency and a low specific energy consumption.

CBF – CAR BOTTOM FURNACE for first baking
For first baking the furnace cars are usually loaded with steel containers (saggers) in which the products are positioned vertically with packing powder.

For rebaking the products are stacked horizontally on the furnace car. The individual products are separated from each other by means of so-called stacking aids.

CBF - Car Bottom Furnace Flyer
CBF - Car Bottom Furnace Flyer_Russian Version

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