Riedhammer and TALCO Signed a Contract for Anode Baking Furnace Renovation

Managing Director of Riedhammer, Mr. Matthias Uhl, and CEO of SUE TALCO, Mr. Sherali Kabirov, signed a contract for the renovation of an anode baking furnace in conjunction with a modernisation  and expansion project of the aluminium smelter located in Tursunzade, Tajikistan. In the same context contracts were also signed between TALCO and the French industrial group Fives. Over a long period Fives accomplished a lot of preparatory work, involving also important diplomatic and financial contacts to the project. Accordingly, the contract signing ceremony was held in Paris on November 7, 2019, associated with the visit and meeting of Tajikistan president Emomali Rakhmon with French president Emmanuel Macron.

Fives and Riedhammer (RH) will execute this project in close cooperation and together with the contracting body, State Unitary Enterprise TALCO (Tajik Aluminium Company), RH being responsible for basic design, engineering, material supply and supervision of the furnace renovation, Fives for supply and installation of equipment such as firing system, multi-purpose crane, anode transport system, fume gas treatment system as well as refurbishment of the anode rodding shop, and TALCO will undertake all peripheral work.

As the aluminium smelter in Tursunzade is one of the most important industrial complexes in the Republic of Tajikistan the project also benefits from a strong political support. The plant, which was established in the Seventies, once produced nearly half a million tons of aluminium, but nowadays only has a remaining output of about 100.000 tons due to diverse negative impacts over the last decades. With the first modernisation step that has been launched the production shall be increased to 300.000 tons of aluminium and in a following second step the newly reached output shall be doubled.

Based on state-of-the-art technology, electricity based on 100% hydropower and the low priced manpower, this smelter will once be known as one of the most economically efficient and ecological facilities of this industry worldwide. Many jobs can be preserved, new ones will be created and TALCO will henceforth play an important role in the international market. Riedhammer with its leading baking furnace technology is proud to make an essential contribution to this success story.

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