Riedhammer Car Bottom Furnace for Rebaking of Electrodes and Nipples

Riedhammer GmbH has successfully erected the second Car Bottom Furnace (CBF) for the rebaking process of electrodes at the ENERGOPROM customer site in Novocherkassk, Russia.

Riedhammer CBF for Rebaking


On Time! Finalization of the Refractory Lining Works for ALBA´s Potline 6 Anode Baking Furnace

Riedhammer GmbH has finalized the refractory lining of ABF#5 on time and reached the first major milestone within its contract for the Potline 6 Project.

ALBA Potline 6 News


Revamping 4.0, conference in Izmir organised by Sacmi Istanbul

Event illustrating everything - from plant modernisation needs to Industry 4.0 opportunities - for making ceramic manufacturing more efficient, less energy-hungry, more competitive and more customer-friendly

Renewal, upgrading, performance. Three words that set the scene for the opening - on 19th July in the city of Izmir - of the “Revamping kits and digital solutions for quality improvement and energy savings” conference (at the Grand Izmir Ozdilek Hotel) organised by Sacmi Istanbul. This event aims to bring customers up to speed on the subject of process revamping and digitalization, factors crucial to quality enhancement and energy resource optimisation.

Sacmi has brought together numerous speakers - technicians, supervisors and area managers - to give an overview of the key challenge faced by the tile, sanitaryware and tableware industries every day (i.e. the need for plant modernisation, which must always ensure demonstrably higher quality and efficiency in the short-medium term). After an introduction from the manager of Sacmi Istanbul, Stefano Donzelli, Benedetto Spinelli of Sacmi Imola (Tiles BU) will illustrate the programme for the day.

Firstly, a general assessment of Sacmi-developed energy saving solutions will be provided by Daniele Baldini from Sacmi Forni, the Group company that designs and manufactures the tile driers and kilns with the best energy performance on the market. He'll be followed by his colleague Giovanni Marnati, a quality improvement expert.

The firing department is crucial to any company modernisation plan. So the second part of the conference has a dual focus: on the one hand, the link between modern market requirements and modern revamping plans in the sanitaryware and tableware sectors (illustrated by Thomas Batzel of Riedhammer, Tableware BU) and, on the other, technical ceramics, another strategic sector where Sacmi-Riedhammer combines efficiency and performance with consumption-containing, environmentally friendly solutions (illustrated by Gerhard Nievelle, Technical Ceramics).

The conference will end with a close look at Industry 4.0, that 'process digitalization' which builds true smart factories: more compact, flexible, efficient and competitive plants that respond more effectively to customers' requirements. This aspect will be covered by Massimiliano Baruzzi (Sacmi Imola HMI and MES Automation Systems R&D). He'll explain how solutions such as the advanced Sacmi H.E.R.E. supervisor feature not only monitoring and predictive diagnostic functions but also integrated smart systems that interface directly with the customer's ERP to provide a new order management, logistics and stock logic.


New kilns in operation for tableware producer

By the end of last year Riedhammer successfully commissioned one fast firing tunnel kiln and one fast firing roller kiln, both for once firing of porcelain and fine china for a well-known tableware producer.

Both kilns are equipped with state-of-the-art firing technology, using Riedhammer’s advanced technology to reduce the gas consumption, atmosphere regulation to achieve a stable reduction as well as an upstream glaze dryer heated with waste air from the kiln. Consumption values of 2000 kcal/kg ware net were achieved.  

These two kilns allow a considerable expansion of the customer’s production capacity. 


New order for fast firing tunnel kiln for tableware producer

Riedhammer received an order for a new fast firing kiln for glost firing of porcelain for a producer with long tradition.

This kiln will be the third Riedhammer fast firing tunnel kiln delivered for this customer and will be used for a further extension of the customer’s tableware production, including all the latest Riedhammer advanced technology to reduce the gas consumption as well as atmosphere regulation for a stable reduction.

The new kiln will be delivered at the end of June and start operation by the end of this year.

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