Sacmi Group Advanced Solutions at Ceramitec 2018

SACMI, the world-leading designer, builder and marketer of machinery and complete plants for the ceramic industry will, at Ceramitec 2018, exhibit its wide range of proposals for the production of powder metal items, refractories, technical ceramics, sanitaryware, tableware and tiles.

Prior to the event, on 9th April, there will be the special TEAM DAY, the international technical symposium organised by TEAM by Sacmi (Technology and Experience for Advanced Ceramics).

RIEDHAMMER will present its profound know-how in high product quality, efficiency and energy-saving innovations at Ceramitec 2018. With its experience of more than 90 years and rapid adaptation to changing market requirements, RIEDHAMMER can offer advanced and reliable technical solutions for all thermal processes, which guarantee an excellent finished product quality: outstanding quality combined with high energy saving and constant innovation.



New kilns in operation for tableware producer

By the end of last year Riedhammer successfully commissioned one fast firing tunnel kiln and one fast firing roller kiln, both for once firing of porcelain and fine china for a well-known tableware producer.

Both kilns are equipped with state-of-the-art firing technology, using Riedhammer’s advanced technology to reduce the gas consumption, atmosphere regulation to achieve a stable reduction as well as an upstream glaze dryer heated with waste air from the kiln. Consumption values of 2000 kcal/kg ware net were achieved.  

These two kilns allow a considerable expansion of the customer’s production capacity. 


New order for fast firing tunnel kiln for tableware producer

Riedhammer received an order for a new fast firing kiln for glost firing of porcelain for a producer with long tradition.

This kiln will be the third Riedhammer fast firing tunnel kiln delivered for this customer and will be used for a further extension of the customer’s tableware production, including all the latest Riedhammer advanced technology to reduce the gas consumption as well as atmosphere regulation for a stable reduction.

The new kiln will be delivered at the end of June and start operation by the end of this year.


25th anniversary of Riedhammer Japan

This year our branch office Riedhammer Japan Co. Ltd. celebrates its 25th anniversary. Riedhammer Japan was founded in 1992 in the course of new strategic decisions to support the sales of industrial kiln plants, but also the after-sales-service on the Asian/Japanese market. Nowadays Riedhammer Japan does not only successfully sell Riedhammer industrial kilns but also SACMI production plants for ceramic sanitaryware and CNC metal powder presses for automobile parts. Particularly in the field of CO2 reduction and energy saving Riedhammer Japan offers technologies to the Japanese industry which are based on innovative ideas of Riedhammer GmbH.

We congratulate the president of Riedhammer Japan, Mr. Hiroshi Abe, and his employees, on the 25th company anniversary and are looking forward to many more years of good and successful cooperation.



Advanced Ceramics firing, Riedhammer plays pivotal role in Tehran

On the occasion of the bi-annual symposium organised by the Iranian Ceramic Society, Sacmi Group company Riedhammer presented its latest solutions for the high-temperature firing of special ceramics

RIEDHAMMER, the Sacmi Group's world-leading designer and producer of industrial kilns for ceramic sanitaryware and technical ceramics, recently took part in the 11th edition of the bi-annual symposium organised by the Iranian Ceramic Society, held in the capital of Tehran as part of the second International Conference on Ceramics (16-18 May 2017).

 On Tuesday  16th May the company played a high-profile role in the symposium with a presentation titled High temperature firing technology for advanced ceramics. Given by Riedhammer's Hartmut Weber, the presentation illustrated the smooth synergy between Riedhammer, Sacmi Imola and Sacmi Team (the corporate Division that brings together the Group's best technical ceramic skills on the technology and research fronts).

 "Thanks to this high level team", explains Weber, "the Group has developed major, innovative special ceramic firing solutions with applications ranging from electric mobility to renewable energy and emissions control". The presentation focused on the high temperature firing of advanced ceramics. Its applications include automotive battery components, metal powder sintering and the effective handling of special ceramics of complex geometry and shape.

 The talk also examined technology for the management of debinding and binding agents in the manufacture of technical ceramics (e.g. ceramic honeycomb structures and filters for treating items that can have a binder, plasticizer or other organic substance content of 25% or more): a field right on the cutting edge of advanced ceramic heat treatment and firing process efficiency enhancement, a field in which Riedhammer provides advanced solutions such as the innovative Low-O2-Process.


Riedhammer to play starring role at Powtech 2017

Sacmi Group company to present its latest technological solutions at the number one fair for the powder, granule and bulk solids industry (Nuremberg, 26-28 September 2017)

The leading designer and producer of kilns for the ultra-high temperature firing of sanitaryware, technical ceramics and special ceramics, Riedhammer will soon be exhibiting at Powtech 2017 (Nuremberg, 26-28 September 2017), the worlds undisputed number one fair for powder, granule and bulk solids technologies.

 The event – which showcases the market's most advanced processes and technologies - will see Riedhammer's latest technological solutions play a pivotal role (at stand 4-450, Hall 4). These include rotary kilns – with both direct and indirect heating – and if required also in gas-tight design that allow carefully controlled firing of powders and other materials in special atmospheres (nitrogen, hydrogen and other gases).

 Riedhammer also responds to the industry's strategic needs by providing kilns for continuous firing: cutting-edge solutions for the calcination or firing of powders or granules under air or other atmospheres that can be treated at temperatures as high as 1,650 °C.

 Visitors to the fair – the 2016 edition of which attracted over 16,000 participants from 80 countries and almost 900 exhibitors from 31 countries – will find Riedhammer's staff on hand to illustrate all the latest developments in the product range for the engineering, treatment and firing of powders, granules and bulk solids in general.



Eczacıbaşı goes for Riedhammer technology

Once again, Turkish group Eczacıbaşı goes for Riedhammer technology to fire its sanitaryware articles.

This latest kiln – the second shuttle kiln in just 3 years – recently came on line at the plant in Bozüyük, Turkey: this time it’s an HWS 18/500/140-G FL with an effective volume of 126 m3 and a firing cycle capacity of 720 complex WCs, weighing the considerable average of 28 kg.

Vitra’s investment decision was swung by the guarantee of an excellent surface finish on the product (fired and re-fired in the Riedhammer kiln), achieved thanks to exceptional temperature uniformity.

This kiln puts the seal on the close collaboration between Eczacıbaşı and Sacmi, a partnership successfully heading towards high quality, energy savings and sustainable development.

Eczacıbaşı is an industrial Group consisting of 46 companies and over 13,300 employees. In 2015 it generated total sales of about 2.5 billion euro.

Founded in 1942, it is now celebrating its 75th anniversary.


Advanced ceramics, Laeis and Riedhammer together at Ceramics Expo 2017 Cleveland (25 to 27 April 2017) BOOTH 619

Both Sacmi Group companies took part in the international symposium in Cleveland, the world’s leading city for the application of technical ceramics in the automotive, aerospace, biomedical, environmental and precision electronics fields

Laeis, the leading designer of hydraulic presses for refractory products and advanced ceramics, and Riedhammer, a global player in the production of industrial shuttle, tunnel and rotary kilns for ceramic sanitaryware and special ceramics, recently exhibited (for the third time) at Ceramics Expo. in Cleveland (25 to 27 April 2017), this is one of the world’s most important plant engineering and ceramic manufacturing fairs, especially as regards the advanced ceramics used in several industries such as automotive, aerospace and biomedical, and technologies for the environment and precision electronics.


In front of the industry’s biggest decision makers – business owners, technicians and production managers – these two Sacmi Group companies presented the latest solutions in their respective ranges. More specifically, Laeis has presented in Cleveland its range of hydraulic presses for technical ceramics and refractory items, designed to efficiently manage even the “trickiest” products in the industry, including those of complex, irregular shape.


The leading provider of ultra-high temperature firing solutions, Riedhammer showcased its latest technological developments: the key protagonist is “Low-02-Technology” for de-binding, a cutting-edge solution that visitors could get a close look at thanks to the company’s technical staff, who provided details and technical info. Another key product presented in Cleveland was the gas-tight roller kiln which allow firing to be carried out in different atmospheres (nitrogen, hydrogen, argon or mixed-gas).


New order for periodical high-temperature tempering kiln

Riedhammer received an order from a renowned European refractory manufacturer for a periodical high-temperature tempering kiln for the manufacture of tar bonded ceramic refractory products. This kiln, in contrast to the otherwise standard tempering kilns, is designed for low-oxygen operation according to EN1539 type B.
Due to the substantially lower exhaust gas volume, a periodic kiln can be operated with a very favorable energy consumption, which is even lower than the energy consumption of a continuous kiln.


Ceramics China 2017

At this year's Ceramics China Fair 2017 in Guangzhou, China, Ernst-Georg Hartung and Nicole Han from Riedhammer gave a lecture on the possibilities for energy saving by using high-temperature fiber as the lining of periodical high-temperature kilns. This took place on the occasion of an information event organized by the Aokerola Group, a renowned Chinese producer of ceramic rolls. In this lecture the extraordinary possibilities for cost reduction by such a lining were made clear.

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